Land Rover Genuine Door Lock Actuator Motor LR078745

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Land Rover Genuine Door Lock Actuator Motor LR078745


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The Land Rover Genuine Door Lock Actuator Motor LR078745 is an essential part of the car’s locking system that makes sure the door locks operate safely and dependably. This authentic actuator motor, created by Land Rover’s skilled experts, is made to fulfill the high standards for quality and functionality that Land Rover has set. It is intended to provide precise and responsive performance. With its sturdy design and smooth operation, the LR078745 gives drivers comfort in knowing that the doors of their car are safely locked.


The Land Rover vehicle’s locking system is powered by LR078745, which activates and deactivates the door locks in response to commands. The actuator motor converts electrical impulses into mechanical action when it is turned on, locking or unlocking the door as needed. Its exact operation guarantees a seamless and effective locking action, adding to the car’s overall convenience and security.


The Door Lock Actuator Motor LR078745 is put through a rigorous testing process as a Land Rover Genuine item to assure exceptional quality and dependability. Land Rover has high standards for performance and longevity, and this genuine motor is built to withstand daily use and high-grade material construction. Land Rover owners may rely on the durability and efficacy of LR078745 for their locking needs by using authentic OEM components.


 LR078745 offers a smooth connection with the current locking system and is made especially to fit Land Rover vehicles. Its exact engineering and compatibility guarantee correct operation without jeopardizing the electrical or security system of the car. Installed as a replacement for a malfunctioning actuator motor or as part of periodic maintenance, this authentic part optimizes the locking mechanism and gives drivers peace of mind regarding the security of their car.

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