Land Rover Genuine Door Check LR045540

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Land Rover Genuine Door Check LR045540


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Land Rover Genuine Door Check LR045540



Designed to regulate the opening and shutting of the door, the Land Rover Genuine Door Check LR045540 is an essential part of your car’s door system. To guarantee dependability and longevity, premium materials are used in the construction of this authentic Land Rover component. Its purpose is to improve the overall functioning of your Land Rover by offering a regulated and seamless action while opening and shutting the door.


 The door check serves as a stopper and a hinge as it is fastened to both the door and the door frame. It regulates the door’s range of motion to keep it from flinging open or shutting too firmly. To provide a smooth and regulated door action, the door collaborates with the door hinges and door latch.


The LR045540 check satisfies the strictest requirements for durability and quality as an authentic Land Rover component. It is made to function for a long time and endure the rigors of regular usage. Thorough testing is performed on the door check to guarantee that it satisfies Land Rover’s requirements for fit, quality, and functionality.


 A variety of Land Rover vehicles are compatible with the LR045540 door check. To guarantee correct installation, it is crucial to confirm compatibility with your particular car before making a purchase. For precise compatibility information, it is advised to speak with a qualified technician or reference the owner’s handbook.


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