Land Rover Genuine Dashboard Air Vent LR050980

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Land Rover Genuine Dashboard Air Vent LR050980


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Directing airflow into the cabin, the Land Rover Genuine Dashboard Air Vent LR050980 is an essential part of the car’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. This authentic air vent, which is made with durability and accuracy, guarantees effective temperature regulation and air distribution, improving occupant comfort. Owners of vehicles can have trust in the dependability and efficiency of LR050980 because it is engineered to fulfill Land Rover’s exacting quality requirements.

Airflow Direction:

 LR050980 is made to control the HVAC system’s airflow direction, giving residents the freedom to reposition the vents to suit their tastes. The air vent distributes air evenly for maximum comfort and visibility, whether it is directed towards the driver, passenger, or windshield. Its movable louvers provide you exact control over the direction of airflow, which improves your driving experience in all kinds of weather.

Material and Construction:

 LR050980 is built to last against everyday rigors, temperature swings, and UV ray exposure thanks to its superior construction. The air vent is made to withstand warping, cracking, and discoloration while retaining its structural integrity and performance over time. Because of its exact design, it blends in seamlessly with the Dashboard Air Vent of the car, giving it a polished look.


Land Rover cars with appropriate dashboard configurations are especially intended to use LR050980. Its exact measurements and mounting locations guarantee a secure fit and simple installation, enabling a smooth integration with the inside of the car. LR050980 improves the functionality of the HVAC system in Land Rover vehicles and restores correct airflow control when used as a replacement part or for routine maintenance.

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