Land Rover Genuine Cover Tow Hook LR095431

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Land Rover Genuine Cover Tow Hook LR095431


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Specifically made for Land Rover cars, the Land Rover Genuine Cover Tow Hook LR095431 is a necessary external item. When the tow hook is not in use, this cover helps to keep it safe from the elements and maintains its integrity.


The LR095431 tow hook cover, mounted on the vehicle’s front or rear bumper, serves as a shield for the tow hook while it’s not in use. By keeping moisture, dirt, and debris away from the tow hook, it helps to maintain it clean and ready for towing or recovery operations as needed.


The LR095431 Cover Tow Hook is made from premium materials selected for their longevity and weather resilience, adhering to Land Rover’s exacting quality standards. Thorough testing processes guarantee that the cover satisfies Land Rover’s performance standards, providing dependable and long-lasting protection for the tow hook. Its authentic Land Rover design guarantees a perfect fit and harmony with the front or back bumper of the car.


The LR095431 Cover Tow Hook is designed to protect the tow hook in an efficient manner, increasing the general robustness and functionality of Land Rover automobiles. Its sturdy design and careful engineering guarantee that it can resist daily driving abuse and exposure to inclement weather. This authentic Land Rover cover helps guarantee the readiness and dependability of the car’s towing and recovery capabilities by protecting the tow hook from harm and corrosion.

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