Land Rover Genuine Cooling Hose LR013693

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Land Rover Genuine Cooling Hose LR013693


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Land Rover Genuine Cooling Hose LR013693

DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016 5.0L OHC SGDI NA V8 Petrol – AJ133


RANGE ROVER SPORT 2010 – 2013 5.0L OHC SGDI SC V8 Petrol – AJ133

RANGE ROVER SPORT 2010 – 2013 5.0L OHC SGDI NA V8 Petrol – AJ133 


 An essential part of the car’s cooling system, the Land Rover Genuine Cooling Hose LR013693 circulates coolant between different engine parts to control engine temperature. This hose is made in accordance with Land Rover’s exact standards, which guarantees effective coolant flow and helps maintain engine performance and temperature control.


The LR013693 Land Rover Genuine Cooling Hose, which is installed inside the car’s cooling system, makes it easier for coolant to move from the radiator to the engine and back, which helps to release extra heat produced when the engine runs. It is essential for keeping the engine’s operating temperature within the ideal range, avoiding overheating, and guaranteeing smooth operation. Reliable coolant circulation is ensured by the hose’s robust structure, which can endure the high temperatures and pressures present in the cooling system.


To guarantee lifespan and performance, the Genuine Cooling Hose LR013693 is put through extensive testing, which is a testament to Land Rover’s dedication to quality and durability. Because it is made of premium materials, this hose has outstanding resistance to heat, corrosion, and exposure to chemicals. Even in the most demanding driving circumstances, its sturdy build and accurate design guarantee a secure fit and dependable performance.


The Genuine Cooling Hose LR013693, which is made especially for Land Rover vehicles, ensures smooth integration and compatibility with the cooling system of the car. Its engineering and exact fitment guarantee simple installation and dependable operation, preserving the cooling system’s efficacy. This hose maintains Land Rover’s high standards for accuracy and dependability whether it is being used as a replacement item or for routine maintenance.


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