Land Rover Genuine Bumper Step Pad LR008893

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Land Rover Genuine Bumper Step Pad LR008893


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The LR008893 Land Rover Genuine Bumper Step Pad is a crucial part intended for use with Land Rover automobiles. The step pad has been painstakingly designed to offer a robust and non-slip surface on the back bumper, enabling secure and easy access to the car’s cargo space. It improves functionality and guards against damage to the bumper with its well-made, precisely constructed design.


 The LR008893 step pad, mounted on the rear bumper, is a useful accessory for opening the vehicle’s cargo space. It gives users a sturdy, non-slip surface to walk on when loading or unloading cargo from the cargo area. The step pad ensures user safety and convenience by preventing falls and slides, particularly in slick or rainy circumstances.


 The LR008893 step pad is manufactured as an authentic Land Rover Genuine Bumper Step Pad component and is put through a rigorous testing process to guarantee its durability and dependability. It provides long-lasting performance since it is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to impact, weathering, and wear. Owners of Land Rover vehicles may be certain of the quality and efficacy of each step pad because the company maintains stringent quality control procedures to guarantee that every step pad meets or surpasses OEM requirements.


Designed with Land Rover vehicles in mind, the LR008893 step pad fits and functions seamlessly with a range of models. This original part fits perfectly into the rear bumper design of any Land Rover vehicle, whether it is mounted in a Range Rover, Discovery, or another model. Owners of Land Rovers may rely on the LR008893 step pad to increase the utility and adaptability of their vehicle by offering safe and easy access to the cargo area.

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