Land Rover Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid STC50531

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Land Rover Genuine Automatic Transmission Fluid STC50531


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Superior Lubrication: 

The Land Rover Genuine Transmission Fluid STC4863 has exceptional lubricating qualities because it is made with premium base oils and cutting-edge additives. Over the transmission components, it creates a protective film that lowers wear and friction. This maintains the efficiency and functionality of the transmission system over time by ensuring seamless gear changes and reducing power loss.

Effective Heat Dissipation: 

During transmission operation, heat is created. The Genuine Transmission Fluid STC4863 is made to do this efficiently. Because of its superior cooling and thermal stability, the fluid may be kept at ideal working temperatures longer and avoids overheating and thermal breakdown. This transmission fluid extends the life and dependability of the transmission system, even in severe driving situations, by encouraging effective cooling.

Enhanced Protection: 

The Land Rover Genuine Transmission Fluid STC4863, which is formulated with specific additives, offers increased defense against oxidation, foaming, and corrosion. It contributes to maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of internal transmission components by preventing the buildup of deposits and sludge. This lowers the possibility of expensive repairs and downtime by ensuring constant performance and extending the transmission’s service life.

Enhanced Compatibility: 

The Transmission Fluid STC4863 is a genuine Land Rover product that has been carefully designed to satisfy the demands and specifications of Land Rover transmission systems. Because of its compatibility with Land Rover vehicles, there is less chance of compatibility problems or damage to the gearbox components, ensuring optimal function and performance. The integrity and dependability of Land Rover transmission systems are preserved by the seamless integration of this original fluid.


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