Land Rover Genuine Air Strut LR079515

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Land Rover Genuine Air Strut LR079515


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Land Rover Genuine Air Strut LR079515



An essential part of the car’s air suspension system is the LR079515 Land Rover Genuine Air Strut. It provides for adjustable ride height and enhanced comfort by combining an air spring with a shock absorber.


The air strut’s main job is to support the weight of the car and cushion impacts from the road. These struts in air suspension systems can be adjusted to maintain a constant ride height, making driving more comfortable and accommodating to varying road conditions.


LR079515 is a genuine Land Rover part that is produced to exacting specifications. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are put through a rigorous testing process to guarantee optimal performance under a range of driving conditions as well as durability and dependability. To keep the vehicle’s air suspension system intact, it is advised to use genuine parts.


LR079515 is made especially to work with Land Rover automobiles. To ensure correct fitment and functionality, make sure the air strut is appropriate for the specific Land Rover model and year.


To install the LR079515 air strut, take out the old one and swap it out for the new one. Owing to air suspension systems’ intricacy, installation might call for specific equipment and knowledge. It is advised to adhere to the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer or hire a professional.

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