Land Rover Genuine ABS Sensor LR090859

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Land Rover Genuine ABS Sensor LR090859


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Specifically made for Land Rover models, the Land Rover Genuine ABS Sensor LR090859 is an essential part of the anti-lock braking system (ABS) of the car. In order to prevent wheel lock-up while braking, this sensor measures the wheels’ rotational speed and sends this information to the ABS control module.


The LR090859 ABS sensor, which is installed at each wheel hub or close to the brake rotor, generates a signal in response to the wheel’s rotational speed. The sensor tracks variations in the magnetic fields produced by the wheel hub’s tone ring or reluctor ring as the wheel spins. The ABS control module receives this data and modifies brake pressure to avoid wheel lock-up and preserve vehicle stability when braking.


Made to Land Rover’s exacting specifications, the LR090859 ABS sensor is composed of robust components that were picked for their dependability and precision. Thorough testing protocols verify that the sensor satisfies Land Rover’s performance standards, ensuring accurate and reliable operation. Its authentic Land Rover design guarantees easy integration and compliance with the ABS system of the car.


The LR090859 ABS sensor is designed to give Land Rover vehicles the best possible ABS performance by providing precise and dependable wheel speed data. The ABS system can successfully avoid wheel lock-up and preserve vehicle stability during braking, especially in poor driving circumstances, thanks to its precise construction and dependable performance. This authentic Land Rover sensor increases road safety and trust with its steady performance.


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