Gkn driveshaft FRONT KIT LR064251 & LR064252 & LR034530

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The driveshaft, sometimes referred to as a propeller shaft, is an essential component of the powertrain system and is responsible for transmitting torque from the transmission to the wheels. The driveshaft receives power from the engine and transfers it to the wheels through the transmission, allowing the vehicle to move. The GKN Driveshaft LR064251 is expertly engineered to meet operational demands, delivering effective power transfer and facilitating smooth acceleration. Its sturdy build and accurate engineering improve the car’s overall handling and performance.


The Driveshaft LR064251 is a well-known automotive component provider that is made by GKN using premium materials and cutting-edge production techniques. It is put through rigorous quality control inspections to guarantee longevity, dependability, and steady performance in a range of driving situations. This driveshaft, which is designed to withstand the stresses and vibrations experienced during operation, keeps its integrity and functionality over time, providing the wheels with consistent power transfer.


Particularly made to work with a variety of Land Rover automobiles, such as Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender models, is the LR064251 driveshaft. This GKN part is engineered to precisely match the requirements of every vehicle’s drivetrain configuration, guaranteeing correct fit and top performance. Land Rover owners may maintain the performance and dependability of their vehicle’s powertrain system with the GKN Driveshaft LR064251, which can be used for drivetrain upgrades or repairs or replacement of a worn-out driveshaft.

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