EuroSpre Tailgate Gas Struts LR029320

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EuroSpre Tailgate Gas Struts LR029320


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The LR029320 gas struts are installed on the vehicle’s tailgate and perform the vital duty of aiding in the opening and closing of the tailgate. The force required to raise and maintain the tailgate in the open position, facilitating simple access to the cargo area, is produced by these struts using compressed gas. They also lessen the force exerted by the tailgate shutting, guaranteeing a controlled and seamless descent. By keeping the tailgate from slamming shut and lowering the effort needed to open and close it, this feature improves user convenience and safety.


The premium materials used to make the Tailgate Gas Struts LR029320 are selected for their strength and longevity, and they are crafted in accordance with EuroSpre’s strict specifications. They go through extensive testing to make sure they meet the brand’s requirements for longevity, dependability, and performance. These gas struts are designed to work consistently over time, even with frequent use, giving the vehicle’s tailgate dependable support for the duration of its life.


In order to ensure correct installation and functionality, the LR029320 tailgate gas struts are specifically made to be compatible with a variety of vehicle models. These EuroSpre parts are engineered to match the exact measurements and mounting locations of every vehicle’s tailgate, allowing them to be installed into the assembly without any issues.

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