Eurospares Throttle Body Hose LR006159

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Eurospares Throttle Body Hose LR006159


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DISCOVERY 3 2005 – 2009 CLASSIC 4.4 V8 EFI

RANGE ROVER SPORT 2005 – 2009 4.4 V8 EFI 


This throttle body hose provides clean air for engine combustion by acting as a crucial channel between the air filter and the throttle body. Consistent airflow is ensured by its meticulously designed construction, which maximizes engine performance and fuel efficiency. Maintaining a tight seal to stop air leaks, the Eurospares Throttle Body Hose LR006159 guards against possible engine problems and guarantees smooth performance.


The Throttle Body Hose LR006159 from Eurospares is made of premium materials and has a remarkable lifespan. It can tolerate the harsh circumstances found in engine bays, such as heat, pressure, and chemical exposure. This hose’s durable design guarantees resistance to deterioration and dependable performance during prolonged use.


Crafted to fulfill Eurospares specifications, this throttle body hose is precisely manufactured to fit and work with a variety of car models. It guarantees a smooth installation procedure and maximum functionality whether it is used as a replacement part or during vehicle maintenance. One dependable way to keep the airflow in your car’s intake system operating well is to use the Eurospares Throttle Body Hose LR006159.


In conclusion, the Throttle Body Hose LR006159 from Eurospares is a high-quality part that is made to improve the engine’s efficiency and dependability in your car. This hose guarantees seamless functioning for your car’s intake system and offers piece of mind thanks to its sturdy build, accurate fit, and trustworthy functionality.

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