Eurospares Headlight Washer Jet LR013957

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Eurospares Headlight Washer Jet LR013957


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DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016


The Eurospares Headlight Washer Jet LR013957 is a crucial component of the car’s headlight washer system. It removes dirt, debris, and other impurities that could impair vision by forcing pressured washer fluid into the headlights. Its ideal placement and exact construction allow for complete cleaning of the headlight lenses, maintaining maximum light output and visibility across a range of driving circumstances. This washer jet’s sturdy build and effective spray pattern make it easy to clean, improving visibility and safety for drivers and other road users.


Made from premium materials and put through a comprehensive testing process, the Eurospares Headlight Washer Jet LR013957 guarantees outstanding longevity. Its durable construction and anti-corrosion coating survive exposure to external factors, ensuring long-term dependability and performance. This washer jet is designed to endure the rigors of regular driving, preserving its usefulness and efficiency while providing car owners with reliable performance and piece of mind.


The Eurospares Headlight Washer Jet LR013957 is engineered to exacting requirements and is compatible with specified car models with ease. Its size, design, and mounting locations are all carefully considered to ensure a smooth integration with the headlight washer system, making installation simple and ensuring compatibility with other parts. This washer jet maintains the integrity of the headlamp washer system by ensuring correct operation and compatibility whether it is used as a replacement part or during vehicle assembly.


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