Eurospares Gear Lever Repair LR117072

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Eurospares  Gear Lever Repair  LR117072


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Eurospares  Gear Lever Repair  LR117072

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DISCOVERY SPORT 2015  1.5L AJ20P3 Petrol 

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The full solution for typical problems with the gear lever mechanism in Land Rover vehicles is the Eurospares Gear Lever Repair Kit LR117072. Produced by Eurospares, a reputable provider of aftermarket automobile components, this repair kit provides an affordable substitute for original parts without sacrificing quality or functionality.


A variety of parts required to fix or swap out worn-out or broken pieces within the gear lever assembly are included in the LR117072 gear lever repair kit. These parts could include bushings, clips, springs, or other hardware needed to get the gear lever mechanism operating again. Through the resolution of problems like excessive play, stiffness, or difficulties engaging gears, this repair kit improves driving dynamics and guarantees accurate and seamless gear changes.


The LR117072 gear lever repair kit is a testament to Eurospares’ commitment to providing high-quality aftermarket components. Made from sturdy materials and manufactured to exacting specifications, every component is put through a thorough testing process to guarantee performance and dependability. Owners of vehicles can feel secure knowing that the repair kit meets or surpasses industry standards thanks to Eurospares’ dedication to quality assurance.


The Eurospares Gear Lever Repair Kit LR117072 is made for easy installation; skilled technicians or do-it-yourselfers with a basic understanding of mechanics may fit it with ease. In order to ensure the assembly and alignment of the gear lever components, clear instructions are usually included to help the installation process. The exact engineering of Eurospares guarantees compliance and smooth interaction with the car’s gearbox system.

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