Eurospares Door Latch LR091345

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Eurospares Door Latch LR091345


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DISCOVERY 4 2010 – 2016



The door latch is a crucial component of the car’s locking system, guaranteeing the doors’ safe closure and locking. The door latch locks the door firmly in place by engaging with the door striker when it is triggered by the door handle or central locking system. This system keeps the inside of the car safe and guards against unwanted entry, giving the passengers of the car vital security.


The Eurospares Door Latch LR091345 is made using premium materials and cutting-edge engineering processes, with accuracy and longevity in mind. Comprehensive quality control tests are performed on every component to ensure long-term dependability, durability, and consistent performance. This door latch is designed to endure everyday use and a range of climatic conditions without losing its functionality or integrity, giving the vehicle’s doors dependable security.


The LR091345 door latch is made especially to work with a variety of Land Rover automobiles, guaranteeing correct functioning and fit. The precise standards of the vehicle’s door assembly are met by this Eurospares item, regardless of the model—Range Rover, Discovery, or Defender. Its smooth integration with the current locking mechanism and door hardware makes installation simple and operating reliable. Because of this compatibility, owners of Land Rovers can use authentic Eurospares Door Latch parts to confidently maintain the security and operation of their car’s doors.

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