EuroSpare Rear Mudflap VPLGP0110

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EuroSpare Rear Mudflap VPLGP0110


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The VPLGP0110 rear mudflap serves as a shield between the tires and the vehicle’s bodywork when it is positioned behind the rear wheels. Its main purpose is to divert dirt, water, stones, and other debris that the revolving rear wheels may spew, reducing the possibility that the paint, lower body panels, and undercarriage of the automobile would sustain damage. The mudflap improves road safety by lowering the spray of contaminants from the road while maintaining visibility for pedestrians and following cars.


The Rear Mudflap VPLGP0110 is made in accordance with EuroSpare’s exacting quality requirements using robust materials that are selected for their toughness and capacity to endure harsh environmental conditions. Every mudflap is put through a thorough testing process to make sure it satisfies the brand’s performance, fit, and finish requirements. This mudflap is made to last; it consistently preserves its structural integrity and performance over time, offering dependable external vehicle protection.


Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender models are just a few of the Land Rover automobiles for which the VPLGP0110 rear mudflap is designed to work. Specifically crafted to blend in with the outlines and aesthetics of every car’s rear wheel arches, this EuroSpare part guarantees a secure fit every time. Whether it’s updating the car’s exterior or swapping out a worn-out mudflap.

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