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EuroSpare Inlet Hose LR054981


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DISCOVERY SPORT 2015 2.0L 16V TIVCT T/C 240PS Petrol

DISCOVERY SPORT 2015 2.0L 16V TIVCT T/C Gen2 Petrol

FRE ELANDER 2 2006- 2014 2.0L 16V TIVCT T/C 240PS Petrol


RANGE ROVER EVOQUE 2012 2.0L 16V TIVCT T/C Gen2 Petrol

Delivering filtered air to the engine for combustion, the EuroSpare Inlet Hose LR054981 is an essential part of the car’s engine intake system. This inlet hose, made with durability and accuracy by EuroSpare, a reputable supplier of aftermarket automotive parts, guarantees effective engine performance and airflow, enhancing the overall efficiency and dependability of the car. With its high-quality engineering, LR054981 gives car owners trust in its dependability and efficiency.

Air Delivery:

 The engine’s intake manifold receives filtered air via LR054981, which serves as a conduit from the airInlet Hose. The engine powers the vehicle by allowing air to enter through the input pipe and combine with fuel for combustion. Because LR054981 is precisely designed and built, there is maximum airflow, which promotes effective engine performance and combustion.

Material and Construction:

 LR054981 is made of sturdy materials and is designed to endure the engine compartment’s hardships, such as heat, pressure, and vibrations. The hose is made to withstand degradation, deformation, and cracking while retaining its flexibility and structural integrity over time. While the reinforced outer layer offers durability and protection against abrasion and environmental conditions, the smooth inside surface facilitates easy airflow.

Compatibility and Fitment: 

LR054981 is engine intake applications that give versatility and dependability, and it is made to fit a variety of vehicle models. Its exact measurements and attachment locations guarantee a secure fit and simple installation, enabling a smooth transition with the car’s intake system. LR054981 provides optimal engine performance and efficiency by restoring correct airflow, whether it is used as a replacement part or for periodic maintenance.

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