EuroSapre Windscreen Wiper Blade LR038795

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EuroSapre Windscreen Wiper Blade LR038795


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The vehicle’s windscreen wiper system relies heavily on the EuroSpare Windscreen Wiper Blade LR038795, which is designed to deliver efficient wiping capabilities in a variety of weather circumstances. This wiper blade, made with durability and accuracy by EuroSpare, a reputable supplier of aftermarket car components, guarantees excellent visibility and safe driving. LR038795 is designed to satisfy premium standards, giving car owners assurance regarding its dependability and efficiency.

Wiping Performance:

 The LR038795 is engineered to provide a gentle and effective wipe, eliminating water, snow, ice, grime, and other particles from the windscreen. Because of its sturdy rubber structure, the wiper blade maximises driver visibility and wiping effectiveness by maintaining even pressure distribution and constant contact with the windscreen surface.

Material and Construction: 

LR038795 is made of premium materials and is designed to cope with everyday use and exposure to the outdoors. The wiper blade has a sturdy rubber component that deters degradation and wear, guaranteeing dependability and longevity. Because of its aerodynamic design, driving is made more enjoyable overall by a reduction in wind lift and noise.

Fit and Compatibility:

 LR038795 is made especially to work with a variety of car types that have windscreen wiper systems installed. Its exact measurements and fastening methods guarantee a secure fit and easy installation, enabling a smooth interaction with the car’s wiper system. Clear vision and safe driving are ensured when LR038795, either as a replacement part or for routine maintenance, returns the windshield’s best wiping capabilities.

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