EuroSapre Front Headlight Level Sensor LR023647

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EuroSapre Front Headlight Level Sensor LR023647


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The EuroSapre Front Headlight Level Sensor is essential for tracking the suspension height of the car and automatically modifying the headlight angle. This sensor makes sure that the headlights continue to provide the best possible illumination of the road ahead by identifying variations in the vehicle’s ride height, such as when passengers or luggage are added. This feature improves overall safety during nighttime driving and inclement weather by not only increasing the driver’s visibility but also reducing the glare for incoming cars.


The Front Headlight Level Sensor LR023647, made by reputable automotive component supplier EuroSapre, is subjected to rigorous quality control measures that guarantee its longevity and dependability. It is built to endure daily driving demands and a variety of environmental situations thanks to its high-quality construction and carefully crafted components. This sensor offers accurate and constant performance thanks to its excellent construction and exact calibration, making driving safer and more comfortable.


The EuroSapre Front Headlight Level Sensor LR023647 is engineered to fit and work precisely with a wide range of automobiles, allowing for a seamless integration. This sensor is designed to precisely match the requirements of your car’s headlamp levelling system, whether you drive a truck, SUV, or sedan. This guarantees a flawless fit and maximum performance.

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