Denso Engine Electrics Starter Motor NAD101240

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Engine Electric Starter Motor # NAD101240


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DEFENDER 1987 – 2006 – 2.5L 5 Cylinder L/R Turbo Diesel

DISCOVERY 2 1998 – 2004 CLASSIC – 2.5L 5 Cylinder Turbo Diesel

Designed to start the engine’s ignition process, the Denso Engine Electrics Starter Motor NAD101240 is a crucial part. This starter motor, which is made by the well-known automotive technology manufacturer Denso, is precisely developed to provide dependable engine starts and excellent performance. NAD101240 is made with efficiency and quality in mind, keeping with Denso’s stellar reputation.


Denso’s dedication to superior quality is evident in the Engine Electrics Starter Motor NAD101240, which is made with cutting-edge materials and goes through stringent quality control procedures. Its sturdy construction guarantees longevity and dependability, making it a dependable option for car owners looking for a starter motor that satisfies the highest requirements. The NAD101240 performs with a quality and inventiveness that is characteristic of Denso’s heritage.


How the NAD101240 Engine Electrics Starter Motor Works: The engine’s ignition sequence depends heavily on it. The starter motor engages with the engine’s flywheel when turning the ignition key, starting the rotation required for the combustion process. The quick and effective start provided by Denso’s precision engineering enhances the vehicle’s overall performance and dependability.


The Denso Engine Electrics Starter Motor NAD101240 has a versatile design that makes it compatible with a wide range of vehicles. It may be used with a wide variety of car types and makes it compatible with many different makes and models. The motor’s ability to provide steady and effective starts under a variety of environmental circumstances adds to the engine’s dependability.

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