AutoStar Germany Windscreen Glass Sealant Silicon Bonding Adhesive Glue Car

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AutoStar Germany
Windscreen Glass Sealant Bonding Adhesive Glue Car
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A top-tier, single-component polyurethane(PU) substance tailored for automotive glass installation, curing through ambient moisture.

It is distinguished by its excellent stability, rapid bonding capabilities, suitability for low-temperature applications, and the capacity to absorb vibrations while offering sound-damping features. Furthermore, it exhibits resistance to aging and the detrimental effects of weathering.


This silicon-based bonding AutoStar Germany Windscreen glue is designed specifically to give the windscreen glass and the car’s frame a solid bond. It produces a dependable seal that strengthens the windscreen’s structural integrity, effectively stops water leaks, and muffles wind noise. Furthermore, this sealant is flexible enough to allow for the vehicle’s body’s normal expansion and contraction, guaranteeing long-term performance and durability.


The AutoStar Germany Windscreen Glass Sealant Silicon Bonding Adhesive Glue is exceptionally resilient and durable, designed to endure the demands of vehicle operation. Its adhesive capabilities and integrity are sustained throughout time, untouched by changes in temperature, UV exposure, or severe weather. Owners of vehicles may rest easy knowing that the sealant will endure a long time due to its resistance to moisture, chemicals, and mechanical stress.


This sticky glue is made to work with a wide range of car makes and models. It may be used to attach windshield glass in cars, trucks, vans, and other automotive applications. It forms a strong, long-lasting adhesive that satisfies or beyond industry standards on glass, metal, and plastic surfaces that are frequently encountered in AutoStar Germany Windscreen construction. Whether you’re doing auto repairs or repairing a broken windshield, this sealant provides an adaptable and trustworthy bonding option.

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