Ate Rear Brake Pads LR160504

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Ate Rear Brake Pads LR160504


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Ate Rear Brake Pads LR160504



The Ate Rear  LR160504 are premium aftermarket made specifically for Land Rover automobiles. With their durable construction and dependable braking performance, these brake pads are designed especially to fit the rear brakes of compatible Land Rover vehicles. These are made of premium materials and are designed to resist regular driving demands while providing safe and efficient braking.


An essential part of your Land Rover’s braking system is the Ate Rear Brake Pads LR160504. Your car will slow down and come to a stop when you apply the brakes because these pads create friction by pressing against the braking rotors. Safe driving and vehicle control are enhanced by these brake pads, which deliver dependable braking performance.


 The Rear Brake LR160504 is made by the reputable company Ate, which is well-known for creating high-quality aftermarket parts for Land Rover automobiles. To guarantee a precise fit and dependable performance, these brake pads are produced to the highest standards utilizing premium materials and cutting-edge production procedures. You can be sure that the component you choose from Ate Aftermarket Parts satisfies the rigorous criteria set by the manufacturer, giving you peace of mind and dependable brake performance.


 Designed to provide performance and durability similar to the original brake, the Ate Rear LR160504 is built to last. These brake pads can give your Land Rover safe and efficient braking thanks to their sturdy build and dependable braking performance. For preserving the functionality and security of your Land Rover’s brakes, the Ate Rear  LR160504 are a dependable option, whether you’re improving your braking system or changing out worn-out.

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