AllMakes 4×4 Bonnet Release Cable FSE000030

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AllMakes 4×4 Bonnet Release Cable FSE000030


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AllMakes 4×4 Bonnet Release Cable FSE000030

RANGE ROVER 2002 – 2009

RANGE ROVER 2010 – 2012

The AllMakes 4×4 Bonnet Release Cable FSE000030 is a crucial part made to make sure the bonnet release mechanism on your car runs smoothly. Elaborately designed and manufactured to exacting specifications, this cable guarantees dependable access to the engine compartment, augmenting ease and optimizing maintenance efficacy.


The AllMakes 4×4 Bonnet Release Cable FSE000030’s main job is to activate the bonnet release mechanism, which makes it possible to open the vehicle’s bonnet in a convenient and safe manner. This cable facilitates simple access to the engine compartment for normal maintenance, repairs, and inspections by transferring the pulling force from the interior release lever to the bonnet latch.

Excellent Construction: 

The Bonnet Release Cable FSE000030 by AllMakes 4×4 is made from premium materials and has undergone extensive testing to ensure its longevity and dependability. Even amid severe weather and temperature fluctuations, its long-lasting function is guaranteed by its sturdy structure and corrosion-resistant coating. Every cable is designed to endure frequent use and hold up its best performance over time.

Compatible Vehicles: 

The AllMakes 4×4 Bonnet Release Cable FSE000030 is made to work with a variety of truck, SUV, and off-road vehicle models. Its exact measurements and OEM requirements ensure that it fits and functions properly, allowing for a smooth integration with the bonnet release system. This cable makes sure that the bonnet release mechanism operates smoothly and dependably, whether it is being used for off-road excursions or everyday commuting.


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