WABCO Brake ABS Modulator SRB500550

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Brake ABS Modulator SRB500550


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SRB500550 WABCO Brake ABS Modulator

Designed to improve safety and control during braking maneuvers, the WABCO Brake ABS Modulator SRB500550 is an essential part of automobiles’ anti-lock braking systems (ABS). The SRB500550 modulator, made by WABCO, a world pioneer in commercial vehicle control systems, is precisely developed to maximize braking performance.


DEFENDER 2007 – 2016


The SRB500550 ABS Modulator regulates brake pressure while braking quickly or in slick situations, which is a crucial part of the ABS system. This ensures that the car retains stability and steering control during emergency braking or difficult road conditions by preventing wheel lock-up and skidding.The modulator is an essential part of the anti-lock braking system (ABS), which helps to improve vehicle control and avoid wheel lock-up when braking.

Pressure modulation: 

To provide the best traction and avoid sliding, the modulator actively modifies the brake pressure to each individual wheel.


Certain car models are intended to work with the SRB500550 ABS Modulator. To guarantee correct operation, check sure it is compatible with the make and model of your car before installing it.


To guarantee correct integration with the car’s braking system, a professional installation is advised for the SRB500550 ABS Modulator. In order for the modulator to work well and improve the efficiency of the entire brake system, proper installation is essential.


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