Ferodo Rear Brake Pads Set LR003655

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Ferodo Rear Brake Pads Set LR003655


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Ferodo Rear Brake Pads Set LR003655

FREELANDER 2 2006 – 2014

The Ferodo Rear Brake Pads Set LR003655 is a premium substitute for the rear brake pads on your Land Rover car. These brake pads are designed to work optimally and provide dependable stopping force, guaranteeing safe braking under a variety of driving circumstances. The Ferodo brake pads, which are made of sturdy materials, are an affordable substitute for original Land Rover components.


How the braking Calipers Work: The car slows down and comes to a halt when friction is created between the braking discs and the rear brake pads that are inserted into them. The brake pads clamp down on the brake discs when you depress the brake pedal, slowing down the car. This action is caused by hydraulic pressure being supplied to the brake pads. For the best braking performance, the rear brake pads must be changed on a regular basis due to wear and tear.


The Ferodo Rear Brake Pads Set LR003655 is designed to operate as well as or better than the original component. Their purpose is to provide dependable stopping force and uniform braking performance. Brake pads are put through a thorough testing process to make sure they fulfill quality requirements and provide dependable performance.


 A variety of Land Rover vehicles are intended to be compatible with the Ferodo Rear Brake Pads Set LR003655. To guarantee correct installation, it is crucial to confirm compatibility with your particular car before making a purchase. For precise compatibility information, it is advised to speak with a qualified technician or reference the owner’s handbook.


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