BWI Genuine Front Shock Absorber LR103607

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BWI Genuine Front Shock Absorber LR103607


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BWI Genuine Front Shock Absorber LR103607



The genuine replacement item LR103607, made especially for Land Rover vehicles, is the BWI Genuine Front Shock Absorber. The manufacturer of this shock absorber is BWI Group, a reliable business with a track record for creating high-quality vehicle components. Its purpose is to improve the handling and comfort of the ride by facilitating regulated and seamless compression and rebound motions.


The kinetic energy produced when the car hits potholes and uneven roads is absorbed and dispersed by the BWI Genuine Front Shock Absorber LR103607. This lessens the strain on other suspension parts and lessens the impact felt by the car’s passengers. The shock absorber is engineered to provide reliable performance in a variety of driving situations and temperature ranges.


The LR103607 shock absorber is a genuine BWI component that is constructed from premium materials to guarantee longevity and dependability. The shock absorber’s corrosion and wear resistance are built in, so it will continue to provide damping over time. It is produced in accordance with stringent quality requirements, guaranteeing dependable operation and durability.


Perfect compatibility is ensured by the BWI Genuine Front Shock Absorber LR103607, which is exclusively built for Land Rover vehicles. It is the perfect option for owners who want to change their shock absorbers since it is designed to match the front suspension systems of different Land Rover models. 


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